Mix of the week: Jungle Lion Sound

Lion Sessions Pt. 2 - mixed & selected by D.I.S & BASE

hardcore newschool-junglizzmm wid nuff unreleased choonage!!!!

hosted by MYSTIC DAN

01.dmd - the weed (unreleased)
02.mainframe - final round (unreleased)
03.mainframe - taps (unreleased)
04.coco jammin - R.I.P (rmx) (unreleased)
05.twinhooker - too corrupt
06.twinhooker - turn to the east
07.paulie walnuts - plead my cause
06.drumatic - scientist (unreleased)
07.flare - solid as a rock
08.direct feed - here she comes (unreleased)
09.direct feed - heads high (unreleased)
10.organic sound - we deserve (unreleased)
11.coco jammin - hungry (unreleased)
12.dmd - ganja smugglin (unreleased)
13.direct feed - scalp dem (unreleased)
14.direct feed - jonny flys westside grade (unreleased)
15.coco jammin - god bless (unreleased)
16.D.I.S - culture (unreleased)
17.D.I.S-original sound (unreleased)
18.D.I.S - grind (unreleased)
19 quick response unit - small world(version)
85mb & 192 kbps

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