de tourists coming!!

Funny commercial by a large beer company makes a joke about the "real" tourist Jamaica.

[via Jamaica Observations Blog]

Stereo on bikes

Kids in Trinidad do it, and kids from Trini families in NY do it: Pimp their bikes with soundsystems.

Gallery at NY Times.

GlasBlasSing - Music made with old bottles

There are many things which you could do will empty bottles, but this way of recycling is unique: The German music group GlasBlassing is uses only old bottles, old plastic boxes and other things from the trash as instruments. The surprise is, that it really sounds amazing. Check them out on their mp3 musicpage.

GlasBlasSing - Viva Las Vegas

Os Garimpeiros - Partir o Braco (Video)

It is definatly no fun if you brake your arm - but it is a big help if such nice girls take care of you.