de tourists coming!!

Funny commercial by a large beer company makes a joke about the "real" tourist Jamaica.

[via Jamaica Observations Blog]

Stereo on bikes

Kids in Trinidad do it, and kids from Trini families in NY do it: Pimp their bikes with soundsystems.

Gallery at NY Times.

GlasBlasSing - Music made with old bottles

There are many things which you could do will empty bottles, but this way of recycling is unique: The German music group GlasBlassing is uses only old bottles, old plastic boxes and other things from the trash as instruments. The surprise is, that it really sounds amazing. Check them out on their mp3 musicpage.

GlasBlasSing - Viva Las Vegas

Os Garimpeiros - Partir o Braco (Video)

It is definatly no fun if you brake your arm - but it is a big help if such nice girls take care of you.

Diplo recording in Jamaica

DJ/producer Diplo, founder of Mad Descent, spent 10 days recording everyone who's anyone in Jamaican dancehall right now - Elephant Man, Turbulence, T.O.K., Gyptian - for an album he's working on with UK producer Switch. See an interview with him on XLR8R - TV.

The coolest kids

The Cool Kids are the coolest HipHop you can listen to at the moment - those kids got style, even if its a lil 80s.. go on their myspace and listen/download cool music. Or grab the ep here.

Shaggy 'Intoxication'

Bonafide Girl feat. Rik Rok, from the new album by Shaggy 'Intoxication' from VP Records/Big Yard Music Group.

RIP Lucky Dube

One of the most well-known reggae singers, Lucky Dube, was murdered yesterday in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dube, who was born in Ermelo, Mpumalanga on August 3, 1964, got hijacked and shot. According to a witness, the hijackers opened the musician's door and shot him twice.
Lucky Dube released over 20 albums in his musical career and toured a lot internationally.
Photo of

Junior K. from Gambia

The Gambia is a hotspot for countless reggae talents. Junior King out of Kololi is one of them. His voice reminds of bignames like Turbulence, Sizzla or Jah Mason. Listen to "Tell me why" on his myspace.

Senegal musicians gallery

Please have a look at Green Eyez's photostream about Senegal and many of its musicians. Beautyful shots!

Fela Kuti birthday

This monday, on the 15th of October, it would be Fela Kutis birthday. Afrofunk asks, what he would sing about nowadays:

No doubt he would include many of the same themes that he addressed during his lifetime: the ongoing exploitation of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular by the wealthy and powerful, from London to Lagos, Washington to Kinshasha; the sorrowful indifference of the governments in industrialized nations to the poverty, inequality and suffering their development models bring to much of the world; the madness of the war in Iraq; the unending massacres in Darfur and Congo.

I think Fela would certainly still be addressing the agonizing persistence of torture and inhumanity in prisons around the world, as a victim of military brutality himself. And I hope he would have turned his immense charisma and musical power toward addressing AIDS prevention and education.

Read the full article on Afrofunk.
Photo by Antes Del Atardecer under cc license.

Live & Dept - movie about Jamaican trade

Not really music related, but this movie is a must-see for all those who know Jamaica only from a tourists view. It explains how economy works for small and USA / World Bank - dependend countries like Jamaica. Full-length on googlevideo.

Utilizing excerpts from the award-winning non-fiction text "A Small Place" by Jamaica Kincaid, Life & Debt is a woven tapestry of sequences ... all » focusing on the stories of individual Jamaicans whose strategies for survival and parameters of day-to-day existence are determined by the U.S. and other foreign economic agendas. By combining traditional documentary telling with a stylized narrative framework, the complexity of international lending, structural adjustment policies and free trade will be understood in the context of the day-to-day realities of the people whose lives they impact.

[via seen.]

Reggae music: is mp3 the new 45 single?

Heart and soul of the vibrating reggae music culture always have been the 7" 45rpm singles. But times are changing fast. The output of Jamaican music is so high that producers give it out as promo cd to djs and radiostations. From here the songs make their way to the filesharing networks. That's where the music fans get it from. By the time the official record is out, the hardcore-fan already heard it too often and has newer stuff in the player.
Most DJs and reggae soundsystems already switched to cd players. Only in Europe you still might find the traditional medium.

How will the change of the medium change the music?
The circle how we see it at the moment, is not very satisfying for producers and artist. Of course they have more promotion options, but still no income - even if the song is a club hit.

A big chance might be legal mp3s. Europe's biggest reggae distributor, Soundquake, just launched a mp3-Store. Now the reggae market has a chance, to be on time and make some money.

Read an interview with Soundquake about their new store (in German) with a nice comment by dhm's Bass.

Share music like Jamaicans do

A must read is the article in the latest issue of Wired about the Trojan Records 40th anniversary:

Certainly, the genre's cutting-edge production techniques and intoxicant-friendly island vibe have earned it the highest respect among producers, musicians and DJs. But it is the reggae producers' penchant for turning out remixes and cover versions of popular songs that has left the biggest impression on today's share-alike digital culture.

"Reggae is all about the mashup," says Paul Miller, widely known as DJ Spooky, one of the compilers celebrating Trojan's 40th year. When putting together his own mix, In Fine Style: 50,000 Volts of Trojan Records, Miller discovered the Jamaican knack for recycling the hits.

Bella - Uganda's dancehall queen

Read about Bella, Ugandas famous female mainstream-dancehall singer.

Bella - Queen of Dancehall (
Video "Faasi" on youtube

No gun lyrics at Sting

The promoter of one of the world's biggest reggaefestivals Sting say, that no artist will be booked who uses violent lyrics in their songs.

It's about time, we take a stand. I can tell you dat much from now. We cleaning it up from every angle. We go against the homophobic lyrics, now it's the gun lyrics.

[read full article at Jamaica Observer]

Elephant Man feat. Wyclef Jean - Five-O (Video)

Brandnew song by Elephant Man, which will be released on Bad Boy Records - so no surprise that you also hear Diddy on the track.

New album by Ras Shiloh - 'Coming Home'

End of May Ras Shiloh released his third album, "Coming Home". The tracks are produced by Jamaicas top producer Bobby 'Digital' Dixon, which can be considered as a quality seal for the album. Released by VP Records.

Read a review on and Reggae Reviews.

Mix of the week: MarflixOne - Baile Funk Mix

You digg Baile Funk, the music of Brasil's favelas? Check out this brandnew Baile Funk Livemix by MarflixOne.

Over 50 tunes, mostly unreleased 2007 releases. Have fun.

Get it here (67mb)

Pacha Massive - Don't let go (Video)

Pacha Massive is the NY based collaboration between Maya Martinez and Ramon Nova. Martinez's from Colombia. Nova's roots are in the Dominican Republic.Pacha Massive blends the rhythms of bemebe, reggae, palo and meringue.Their album "All good things is available now.

Ugandian music in the diaspora

Uganda's music scene is definitely growing and musicians in the Diaspora are making their mark too. Their styles are as variegated as their experiences, with sprinklings of local dialects as well as dashes of ragga, reggae, soul, acoustics, R&B and hip-hop. It's Friday's Val Kalende writes about some of the Ugandan artistes who are standing out in the Diaspora. Read on at

Mavado - Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks

He might be the most controversal dancehall singer out of Jamaica: Mavado. But he definetly comes with his own uniques style in singing, voice and lyrics. Now his debut album it set to be released on July, 10th by VP Records. So look out for "Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks".

Harlem River Drive

Ever wondered which album could be the hottest ever-made Funk/Latinfunk album? Read at Orgy in Rhythm and Revolucion, No? about the band Harlem River Drive, featuring the famous Eddie Palmieri.

PR Kantate - Dick in Jeschäft

New album by Berlin's own reggae/comedy singer P.R. Kantate is out - listen to the snippet ("Dicket snippet"). He is on of the few singers who use their local dialect for the songs. Most MCs sing in the media language.

Mix of the week: Jungle Lion Sound

Lion Sessions Pt. 2 - mixed & selected by D.I.S & BASE

hardcore newschool-junglizzmm wid nuff unreleased choonage!!!!

hosted by MYSTIC DAN

01.dmd - the weed (unreleased)
02.mainframe - final round (unreleased)
03.mainframe - taps (unreleased)
04.coco jammin - R.I.P (rmx) (unreleased)
05.twinhooker - too corrupt
06.twinhooker - turn to the east
07.paulie walnuts - plead my cause
06.drumatic - scientist (unreleased)
07.flare - solid as a rock feed - here she comes (unreleased) feed - heads high (unreleased) sound - we deserve (unreleased)
11.coco jammin - hungry (unreleased)
12.dmd - ganja smugglin (unreleased) feed - scalp dem (unreleased) feed - jonny flys westside grade (unreleased)
15.coco jammin - god bless (unreleased)
16.D.I.S - culture (unreleased)
17.D.I.S-original sound (unreleased)
18.D.I.S - grind (unreleased)
19 quick response unit - small world(version)
85mb & 192 kbps

free Bunji Remix

Check out this remix of the 2006 big soca tune "Doi Festival" by Ghislain Poirier.
get mp3 at zhare.

Official soundtrack for the G8 protests

A must-have is this compilation against the G8 meeting in Heiligendamm/Germany. Many popular pop, rock and reggae artists outa Germany are collected on "Move against G8": Die Toten Hosen, Nosliw, Kettcar, Sillywalks Movement, Tocotronic, Gentlemen and more.All money from this charity project goes to the Rostocker Aktionskonferenz "Rostock I"

listen and buy it here

[via Zero G]

Mixes of the day

Cut Chemist - Spat (Video)

Nice cartoon video by turntablist and dj Cut Chemist. On the video you can see a conversation between two turntables.

[via One Take Tapes]

Buju Banton @ The Theatre at Madison Square Garden

Review of the sold-out Buju Banton show at Madison Square Garden last week on
A few pictures of the show can be found here.

Reggaeton boom burning out?

Read an interesting article on the problems in reggaeton music:

n 2005, Daddy Yankee's Gasolina was burning up the airwaves, normally cautious radio stations were falling over themselves to play reggaeton, record labels were leaping to sign every act who could sling the right Puerto Rican slang and the booty-shaking genre seemed poised for domination. [..]
Now, just two years later, the reggaeton flame is sputtering. Radio stations that had adopted an all-reggaeton/hip-hop format have switched to a broader range of music after seeing ratings drop. A stream of copycat releases from new artists has helped solidify the style's reputation for having a repetitive sound. And a second wave of acts hasn't aroused the same excitement as the genre's original stars: Yankee, Don Omar and Tego Calderón. At last month's Billboard Latin Music Conference, the annual Miami gathering of Latin music industry leaders, there were rumblings that reggaeton was over.

[Miami Herald]

Winners at the 26th International Reggae & World Music Awards

01) Bob Marley Award for Entertainer of the Year: Sean Paul
02) Recording Artist(s)/Group of the Year: Sean Paul
03) Best Male Vocalist: Luciano
04) Best Female Vocalist: Tanya Stephens
05) Best Song: “Temperature” by Sean Paul
06) Best Album/CD: “Too Bad” by Buju Banton
07) Best Crossover Song: “Temperature” by Sean Paul
08) Best Gospel-Oriented Song: “King Jesus” by Chevelle Franklyn
09) Best Male DJ/Rapper: Buju Banton
10) Best Female DJ/Rapper: Macka Diamond
11) Best New Entertainer: Tony Matterhorn
12) Best Calypso/Soca Entertainer: Machel Montano
13) Best Reggaeton Entertainer: Daddy Yankee
14) Best Latin-Oriented Entertainer: Shakira
15) Best Compas/Racine Entertainer: Sweet Mickey
16) Best African Entertainer: Angelique Kidjo
17) Best Soukous Entertainer: Koffi Olomide
18) Most Popular Hip Hop Entertainer: Sean Paul
19) Award for Outstanding Contribution to World Music: Ziggy Marley
20) Most Outstanding Stage Personality: Capleton
21) Best Music Video: “Ghetto Story” by Baby Cham
22) Best Poet: Mutabaruka
23) Most Cultural/Educational Entertainer: Luciano
24) Most Outstanding Show Band/Group: Morgan Heritage
25) Most Consistent Entertainer: Byron Lee & the Dragonaires
26) Most Promising Entertainer: Tarrus Riley
27) Most Improved Entertainer: Da’Ville
28) Best Instrumentalist: Dean Fraser
29) Best Backing Band: Live Wyya
30) Most Popular Sound System/Selector: Tony Matterhorn
31) Concert of the Year: Irie Jamboree
32) Promoter of the Year: LinkUp Media
33) Producer of the Year: Don Corleon
34) Songwriter of the Year: Sean Paul
35) Selassie I Award for “Spiritual Service Through Music”: Damian Marley
36) Community Service Award: Moodies Records & Butterfli Wings Foundation


37) Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award: Bono, Oprah Winfrey

38) International Reggae & World Music Hall of Fame/Lifetime Inductees: B.B. Seaton & the Gaylads, Boris Gardner

39) Martin’s International & Associates Award of Honor: Don One (Don One Records), Ed Robinson (E2 Recordings), Edward “Bunny” Lee, King Jammy’s

40) Producer’s “Respect” Award: Doug E. Fresh, Gregory Isaacs, Half Pint

40A) International Award for Leadership: Hon. Portia Simpson Miller- Prime Minister, Jamaica

41) Awards of Appreciation for Contribution to the Music Industry: Bobby (Culture Jam WVIP 93.5FM), Dave Clark (Friends of Reggae), Jerome Hamilton (Headline Entertainment), Lorna Wainwright (Tuff Gong), Mikey Jarrett, Richie B. (HOT 102FM), Dahved Levy (WBLS 107.5FM), Winston “Niney” Holness (The Observer)

[The Jamaicans]

Mavado - Dying (Video)

Mavado - Dying:

Vybz Kartell - Wine Pan U (Video)

New Jamaican Top30 Number 1:
Vybz Kartell - Wine Pan U

Chuck Fenda "The living fire"

Reggae artiste Chuck Fenda, also known as the "poor people's defender", has just released his new album called "The living fire". It is out now on Greensleeves Records.
Chuck Fenda dominated 2006 with his powerful and thought provoking single 'GASH DEM' caused controversy in Jamaica and was immediately banned from radio airplay after release. That of course did not stop the word spreading and since then it continues to get heavy airplay on radio stations around the world and will certainly go down as the BIGGEST reggae anthem of that year.

Hyphy rap is dead?

Hyphy, the latest hype in rap music from the Bay Area region, lost its power.. at least Marian Liu said that in her article on Hyphy.

Just more than a year ago, the Bay Area seemed poised to become the center of the hip-hop universe. The hyperactive party music known as "hyphy" was ubiquitous at clubs. Mainstream publications featured stories about Northern California's rap scene being on the verge of exploding nationally. But something happened - or maybe didn't happen - between then and now, leaving the hyphy movement listless, with even local popularity beginning to dissipate.

[via zentronix]

Nosliw - Mehr davon

Read a review of the new album by Nosliw from Germany. The album "Mehr Davon" was supposed to be released on a major label, but was dropped due to the lack of chart potential. This might be a quality proof for a roots reggae album.

Ramon Orlando - No Hay Nadie Mas

Watch a life video by this famous singer from Dominican Republic, Ramon Orlando.

[via Clignotant Ville]

Lady Saw walks out

The Jamaican Observer has an review about Lady Saw's new album on VP Records, "Walk Out".

Having stamped her image on '90s dancehall and been catapulted thereafter into the international pop circles (Vitamin Z, Gwen Stefani), Lady Saw has -- over the last few years -- found herself on a tightrope of sorts. This album is not the proverbial great leap without a net, but it's an interesting step forward.

Irie FM Award - Winners

Winners of this years' Irie FM Awards:

1. Comeback Artiste of the Year - Vegas
2. New Artiste of the Year - Movado
3. Singer/Singjay of the Year - Female - Tanya Stephens
4. Duo/Group/Band of the Year - VoiceMail
5. Reggae Ambassador Award - Sean Paul
6. Stage Show / Concert of the Year - Rebel Salute
7. Slang of the Year - Sell Off
8. Producer of the Year - Don Corleon
9. Rhythm of the Year ; - Red Bull & Guinness
10. Best Dressed Female - D'Angel
11. Best Dressed Male - Beenie Man
12. Female DJ of the Year - Macka Diamond
13. Dance of the Year - Dutty Wine
14. Gospel Artiste of the Year - Prodigal Son
15. Humanitarian Award - Capleton
16. Singer/Singjay of the Year - Male - Richie Spice
17. Listener's Choice Award - Beenie Man
18. Album of the Year - Rebellution-Tanya Stephens
19. Song of the Year - Driver & Dutty Wine
20. DJ of the Year - Beenie Man & Buju Banton

Peter Pana - Socaton

New Soca/Socaton tune by this artiste from Panama - Peter Pana

Collie Buddz Blazing from Bermuda to Jamrock

Reggae shooting star Collie Buddz has been featured in the Vibe Magazine. Full article only available in the printed issue.

Calle 13 with their 2nd album

Review of Calle 13's new album, "Residente o Visitante" at Newsday. The controversal reggaeton group from Puerto Rico is also winner of Latin Grammy Awards 2006.

Bahia Online website

Check out this website about music, culture and tourist infos in/about Bahia, Brazil. They also have a webradio up with local music.

Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace - Nostalgia

Nice video to this nice track feat. the rap legend Masta Ace on the forthcoming album by producer Marco Polo on Rawkus Records.

[via Wake your daughter up]

Copy cat music for boygroups

J Status - Roll ft. Rihanna & Shontelle

New boygroup outa Jamaica. Not that bad, but pleeaz write your own lyrics!!

Lutah Fyah - Save the juvenile

Lutah Fyah - Save the juvenile:

Soca mixes/podcasts for this week

MashUp Show by MashUp Crew: Jump-Up Mix by Marflix with songs mainly from St. Vincent and Barbados plus some Bachaton/Salsaton.
[get podcast]

LeXXXus Sound with the "Soca Gone Clear" Mix on Izatrini: Trini Soca from 2007 and some Bajan 2006 stuff.
[get podcast]

Motown mix by Madlib

New podcast of the monthly series by Stones Throw Records:
Motown by Madlib.

Happy birthday DJ Kool Herc

Happy earthday, DJ Kool Herc!

Soca D Vote 2007-2008

The Soca D’ Vote campaign, a non-partisan grassroots initiative to foster greater civic awareness and voter education of US citiens with Caribbean descent, just launched their new song for 2007-2008. Sung and produced by Nigel Lewis.
Soca D' Vote mp3.

[via de cooler]

Funk & Afrobeat Mix from Benin

Definitely a must is this mix by Frank aka Voodoo Funk: almost unheard material from Benin, Nigeria and Congo - mostly funk and afrobeat.

Mighty Crown wins Death Before Dishonour '07

The famous Japanese soundsystem Mighty Crown won this years's competition "Death Before Dishonour - Jamaica World Clash", the most important sound-clash in Jamaica. This year's competitors have been: Bass Odyssey, David Rodigan, Mighty Crown, Silva Star and Black Reaction (World Clash Canada - winner). Title defender Ricky Trooper didn't attent.
Dub fi Dub / Finals: Mighty crown vs. Bass Odyssey
[via Jamaica Star]

Macka Diamond - Hula Hoop

Watch the video of this weeks #1 in Jamaica's Top 30:

[Macka Diamond Myspace]

St. Lucia don't want Sizzla

Director of the St. Lucia-based Caribbean Drug Abuse Research Institute, Dr. Marcus Day, has called on law enforcement authorities to refuse permission for Jamaican dancehall artiste Sizzla to perform here at a May 5 show.
Dr. Day, in a letter to Police Commissioner Ausbert Regis, called for the artiste to be prevented from performing here because of what he said was his violent, anti-gay lyrics.
[via Jamaica Gleaner]

Cuban rappers "Los Aldeanos" are fighting the injustice

Read an article about the Cuban hiphop/reggaeton - artist Aldo Rodriguez from the group "Los Aldeanos" on CNN.

Ferro Gaita

Ferro Gaita is a Fununa - Band from Cape Verde Islands (Western Africa).
Listen to a song from the 1997 album "Fundu Baxu":

See also a video of a Ferro Gaita life show on youtube: