Bella - Uganda's dancehall queen

Read about Bella, Ugandas famous female mainstream-dancehall singer.

Bella - Queen of Dancehall (
Video "Faasi" on youtube

No gun lyrics at Sting

The promoter of one of the world's biggest reggaefestivals Sting say, that no artist will be booked who uses violent lyrics in their songs.

It's about time, we take a stand. I can tell you dat much from now. We cleaning it up from every angle. We go against the homophobic lyrics, now it's the gun lyrics.

[read full article at Jamaica Observer]

Elephant Man feat. Wyclef Jean - Five-O (Video)

Brandnew song by Elephant Man, which will be released on Bad Boy Records - so no surprise that you also hear Diddy on the track.

New album by Ras Shiloh - 'Coming Home'

End of May Ras Shiloh released his third album, "Coming Home". The tracks are produced by Jamaicas top producer Bobby 'Digital' Dixon, which can be considered as a quality seal for the album. Released by VP Records.

Read a review on and Reggae Reviews.

Mix of the week: MarflixOne - Baile Funk Mix

You digg Baile Funk, the music of Brasil's favelas? Check out this brandnew Baile Funk Livemix by MarflixOne.

Over 50 tunes, mostly unreleased 2007 releases. Have fun.

Get it here (67mb)

Pacha Massive - Don't let go (Video)

Pacha Massive is the NY based collaboration between Maya Martinez and Ramon Nova. Martinez's from Colombia. Nova's roots are in the Dominican Republic.Pacha Massive blends the rhythms of bemebe, reggae, palo and meringue.Their album "All good things is available now.

Ugandian music in the diaspora

Uganda's music scene is definitely growing and musicians in the Diaspora are making their mark too. Their styles are as variegated as their experiences, with sprinklings of local dialects as well as dashes of ragga, reggae, soul, acoustics, R&B and hip-hop. It's Friday's Val Kalende writes about some of the Ugandan artistes who are standing out in the Diaspora. Read on at

Mavado - Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks

He might be the most controversal dancehall singer out of Jamaica: Mavado. But he definetly comes with his own uniques style in singing, voice and lyrics. Now his debut album it set to be released on July, 10th by VP Records. So look out for "Gangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks".

Harlem River Drive

Ever wondered which album could be the hottest ever-made Funk/Latinfunk album? Read at Orgy in Rhythm and Revolucion, No? about the band Harlem River Drive, featuring the famous Eddie Palmieri.

PR Kantate - Dick in Jeschäft

New album by Berlin's own reggae/comedy singer P.R. Kantate is out - listen to the snippet ("Dicket snippet"). He is on of the few singers who use their local dialect for the songs. Most MCs sing in the media language.

Mix of the week: Jungle Lion Sound

Lion Sessions Pt. 2 - mixed & selected by D.I.S & BASE

hardcore newschool-junglizzmm wid nuff unreleased choonage!!!!

hosted by MYSTIC DAN

01.dmd - the weed (unreleased)
02.mainframe - final round (unreleased)
03.mainframe - taps (unreleased)
04.coco jammin - R.I.P (rmx) (unreleased)
05.twinhooker - too corrupt
06.twinhooker - turn to the east
07.paulie walnuts - plead my cause
06.drumatic - scientist (unreleased)
07.flare - solid as a rock feed - here she comes (unreleased) feed - heads high (unreleased) sound - we deserve (unreleased)
11.coco jammin - hungry (unreleased)
12.dmd - ganja smugglin (unreleased) feed - scalp dem (unreleased) feed - jonny flys westside grade (unreleased)
15.coco jammin - god bless (unreleased)
16.D.I.S - culture (unreleased)
17.D.I.S-original sound (unreleased)
18.D.I.S - grind (unreleased)
19 quick response unit - small world(version)
85mb & 192 kbps

free Bunji Remix

Check out this remix of the 2006 big soca tune "Doi Festival" by Ghislain Poirier.
get mp3 at zhare.